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Apple Babka

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Today I decided to open up a book that I took out from the library. I have some Ukrainian roots in my heritage and over the holidays I am hoping to expand my horizons in Ukrainian cuisine. BUT! Do not fret! I will still be baking and cooking Canadian classics/my own concoctions. Babka is usually something that my dad will make for Ukrainian Easter. But I think it is a treat that tastes good all the time. It is very simple with basic ingredients.


Here you can see all the ingredients before I mixed them all together.

Today was a really messy day for me in the kitchen. I just couldn’t seem to do anything right! From flour spilling (yes, more than once) to forgetting to put ingredients in the babka recipe. But once  those eggs are cracked you can’t go back… unless you make a  hearty four egg omelette with remnants of an apple babka.

Whipping egg whites by hand is really something I love to do. Anna vs. Egg whites=Another Anna Victory! (crowd cheering). Ok, back to baking!! 

 Egg whites expand eight time their size once completely whipped. One trick to whipping egg whites is to use a little (VERY little) bit of vinegar or lemon juice on the base of the bowl. This helps to make sure if there is any sort of funny remnants left on the bowl it will not disturb the whipping process of the egg whites. 

Also, to keep the egg whites stiff once whipped add a touch of sugar. This will help so they don’t collapse.

I would have baked this a little longer, but it still turned out fine! I usually like my breads and cakes to be cooked longer so the are firm and easier to cut. But this apple babka was done! I mention below that I would have used smaller containers to bake the babka in. Something my dad does is he will bake them in old coffee tins or apple juice tins. This way you get a narrower babka and it usually cooks better.

This recipe was adapted from “The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine” -I did not change much, just some of the amounts

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