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Coconut Fudge

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Two posts in two days! Well I actually made the fudge yesterday but didn’t take the above photo until today. Fudge is a versatile recipe. It can be used for gifts, dessert trays or as comfort food. It can also be stored for a lengthy time in the freezer. It is a take on the candy making process of burning sugar. I am not too familiar with making candy,it is one of my weaknesses in the kitchen. I have started to use a thermometer which helps but it tends to happen more often that a crunchy piece of brittle will turn out to be a soft crumbly mess.

My goal was to make fudge without chocolate and not using any processes that involved condensed milk or any sort of agent that would help the solidifying process of making fudge. I was left with two options, peanut butter fudge or coconut fudge. Having made a couple of peanut butter recipes already I opted for coconut fudge.

The most important thing to remember when making fudge the way I am making it is to NOT stir. It doesn’t help that I have a wooden spoon in my saucepan. I promise I only used it to mix the ingredients in the process of melting. Once that was done I did not stir until fudge mixture cooled to 120 degrees F. I just didn’t take the wooden spoon out of any of these photos. Not sure why…


The mixture looks clumpy but that is because I had added the coconut. The coconut makes it a little clumpy looking.

There it is! It turned out great! My first attempt this season at fudge! I plan on saving most of it to give away to friends and family over the holidays. I am visiting some friends tomorrow in the city so I will be bringing some fudge with me… unless I eat it all before my arrival.

********READ THIS if using recipe below************(A few mistakes, sorry!) – Below I forgot to add when you need to add the coconut into the mixture. Add it into the mixture in between steps 4 and five, when you the mixture has just reached 238 degrees F. ALSO, typo it should say 238 degrees F in my recipe NOT 270 degrees F Sorry about that! The 120 degrees F is correct!

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One thought on “Coconut Fudge

  1. thanks for sharing! i’m trying my hand at these. my grand-mother makes the best ever “regular” fudge so maybe i can channel her baking super powers while making these!

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