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Molasses Ginger Pancakes with a Banana Syrup

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Ok, so this is not quite a Christmas baking post yet…  But I have been in the kitchen all day prepping things for my upcoming Christmas baking posts! The wait will not be much longer!

I had some friends visit today and I decided to use my classic pancake recipe. I really enjoy making pancakes. Changing the recipe every time I make them makes it more exciting. I have made a lot of different pancake flavours. It is such a basic recipe that can be adapted to whichever way the cook pleases.

The pancake cooking process is sometimes very frustrating. The pan needs to be the perfect temperature in order to cook the pancakes evenly on both sides.

When using a new stove, making pancakes is a good way to determine the heat levels of the elements. It helps me to figure out if medium heat is more of burn the house down heat so if I am baking/cooking something more delicate I will know to use a lower heat level on the element.

The small glass container with the spoon in it is the banana syrup that turned out to be more like a spread. It tastes very similar to a banana foster’s syrup that is used over top of vanilla ice cream.

Any sort of sugar, butter and fruit combination usually turns out pretty tasty especially if it is to go on top of a stack of griddle cakes!

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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