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Earl Grey Sponge Cake

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Yesterday I was invited to go to a dinner party and was asked to bring dessert. I have not had an excuse to make a cake in a while which led me to baking a really delicious sponge cake.

In the winter it can be tough to bake things with locally produced products, I tried my best to keep it local but there are always ingredients that come from places far away.

I kept it pretty simple, I did not have time to make a pastry cream for a filling between the cake layers and I would have liked to have had more time to decorate it. But this is only the beginning of my cake making attempts on this blog.

The sponge turned out great, I did not taste the tea flavour too much but it was perfectly moist and the orange zest is almost always the best thing that can happen to a recipe.

Separating the eggs is what creates a sponge cake. Be very gentle with the egg whites when whipping them and folding them into the yolk batter. The egg white proteins are delicate and can be easily ruined, creating a flat cake.

Once the cake is done baking it is time to let it cool completely. It can take several hours or overnight. If really crunched for time, placing the sponge in some plastic wrap and into the freezer for a while will quicken your wait time.

It was a winter wonderland outside my house yesterday so I took the ‘cake wait’ opportunity to play football in the snow with my dad. (Playing football is just an excuse to get outside and run around in the snow like a five-year old.) It is one in few times when diving for a football is rewarding… and not painful.

Here is the cake cut into layers. I made two cuts and got three layers from it. Below shows the spreading of the simple syrup, jam and icing between the layers.

 As I suggest in my directions below, it is a good idea to apply a crumb coat to any cake before fully icing and decorating. I have included a photo of applying a crumb coat to the cake. The crumb coat of icing is prior to the main event of icing the cake. This helps to keep crumbs from making it to the front line of the completed cake. (It can be frustrating to see a crumb on a clean/smooth iced cake after working so hard on making it a masterpiece!)


There it is! A classic simple recipe! That can be used for all occasions. The earl grey tea can be replaced with coffee, boiling water or any other preferred tea flavour. Be creative and have fun!

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

One thought on “Earl Grey Sponge Cake

  1. Seriously, you need to consider making these things while I am at home, so that I can actually tell you my real opinion on them, this is just not fair!

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