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Yellow Cake With Buttercream


I admit it I have been blog post hoarding. I made this cake on Monday for my dad’s birthday and have not had time to complete the post. It was a little rushed so I didn’t get as many photos as I normally do, but it was still a blog worthy recipe. I have been in the kitchen a lot these past few days… Something about not having an oven in Korea is making me want to get the most out of the oven that I have now… but for me I don’t know if  there is such a thing of being ‘sick of the kitchen’.

This is a photo of the pastry cream being flavoured. Pastry cream is great to use in between cake layers. It is not too sweet and usually helps to keep the layers moist. Did I mention that it is cooked milk with sugar… which in my books always ends well.

I brought this cake into my dad’s work as a surprise. It went over pretty well. My dad really did not expect my attendance at his office on Monday. This post goes out to you Pops! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Yellow Cake With Buttercream

  1. I’m not a huge yellow cake fan but that buttercream is definitely calling me lol. Wonderful post and I love how you display the recipe.

  2. Anna! I learned using my powers of deduction that your dad’s name is George.

    We want more Korea updates! What are they telling you to prepare for your first week there?
    What are you taking with you? What are you leaving at home?

    Caitlin says hi. Keep up the blogging!

    • Ben + Caitlin,
      You two are very clever, my pa’s name is George! I wrote a new update today!! I am leaving next Friday, my flight leaves in the early am… I hope to not forget my wallet this time….

      Miss you guys!!

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