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Dear friends, family and followers,

Today makes it officially less than a week before I leave for Korea. I actually am in disbelief. There have been a few nights when I have woken up in the middle of the night and have no idea where I am.  I think it is due to moving my life and my stuff from house to house three times in the last six months. My body is confused and does not know what to do anymore. I don’t know what will happen once I leave the continent.

When I got my Visa I met several other people that were going to Korea to teach English for a year too. It was great to chat with people that have similar concerns. So I officially know a few people in Korea now.

I have learned that upon my arrival in Korea the recruiter has arranged to have a taxi cab pick me up and will have my name on a piece of paper. It is nice to know that someone will be waiting for me… even if I don’t know who they are. Maybe I can practice some basic ‘annyong haeseyo’  (Hi, how are you? in Korean) with the cab driver. I will have to blog about that experience.   

I have not really started packing anything yet… my goal is to start Monday! I am allowed to check two 50 pound bags when I arrive at the airport and can have one 25 pound bag plus an instrument or a purse/laptop bag. 

The photo above is related to what I am doing now, or at least in my last few days before I leave. Currently I am reading a book titled ‘Korea: A Walk Through the Land of Memories’, by: Simon Winchestor and looking outside the window. It is a nice day here and I am making the best of it with long runs, hot yoga and time spent with family and friends.  

Before I conclude this post, I will warn you I have been a crazy lady in the kitchen. On Thursday I made dinner rolls and cinnamon buns, I also plan to make some more things before I leave! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, hope all is well and enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!!

With love,

Anna xoxo

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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