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>Korea: Adjusting


This will be my first post with a few photos of what has been going on in my life within the last few days. I have only been here in South Korea since Saturday so I am still learning A LOT and I think the learning is something that will never end… which is a really great thing.

To start this collection of photos I will show you how well I was able to pack my bags… ok lame… BUT I really wanted to show a few close friends that I made good use of the cupcake baggage tag that was given to me. (AND that it was not used as a bracelet…)

The cupcake is a little over-exposed but it happened to be a sunny day when I was leaving.

Moving along, I will provide readers with a photo tour of my apartment here in Korea.

This is the hallway leading to my room, the white boxes along the sides are fire exit emergency signs. The apartment and apartment building is very nice and is actually very good in regards to conserving energy. All the lights in the building are motion censored and only go on for a split second while the individual is in the area that light is needed. As soon as you leave the light goes off.

The rooms are heated through the floor. Which is great. The heat can be turned off while there is no one in the apartment because it does not take too long to heat up.

This is a water filter system. I was really concerned about what I would do about water but there is a filter system in the hallway of every level of the apartment building. (To answer your question about the jar: YES, I did pack a milk jar to use for water. It reminds me of the health food stores I would shop at in Ottawa)

This is what my door looks like. Actually it is how I get into my room. There is no key, I have a pin pad that I type a secret code into and then it beeps at me and opens. Once I close the door it beeps at me again and locks automatically. It is all battery operated, I don’t quite know what will happen when it runs out of batteries and I need to get in the room… that part is probably written in Korean.

As soon as you enter my room the ‘kitchen’ is on the left. Looks like the oven was replaced with a dishwasher… how convenient.

To the right of the main entrance is the washroom… where is the shower you ask?

Yup, attached to the sink. I have to shower right over the drain. But it really isn’t bad. I have gotten used to it and I like to think I conserve more water this way.

It is visible the kitchen and the washroom doors, how it works a little. These sliding doors separate my bedroom from my kitchen and washroom which is nice.

I decided to save the best for last. The view from my window. I absolutely love it. Today happened to be the clearest day yet so the mountain was very visible. The mountain is known as Suri mountain.

A final look at the street I live on, just so people don’t get too wrapped up in the beauty of the mountain. It must be reminded that neon signs are everywhere. There are more neon signs then there are street signs.

I hope that everyone enjoyed! I was putting off this blog post because I knew it would be a long one. I hope to do more food things, but I am still settling into some habits and routines. Stay tuned for more stories!

Sending love to Canada,


Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

3 thoughts on “>Korea: Adjusting

  1. I’m happy to hear you made it to Korea in one piece!

    Your place looks great, the view included. So modern and high-tech. That showerless bathroom and lack of oven are pretty quirky indeed.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

  2. Your view is fantastic!

    Your posts are making me so excited!

  3. That pic of the mountains dropped my jaw! This is an amazing adventure and I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences (I guess I can start by reading this next 3 posts in my RSS reader).

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