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>Korea – Weekend Round-up

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This weekend was a very great weekend. It really hit me on Saturday that this is really going to be a great year. I have been meeting so many people from so many different places and have no idea what is in store for me in the days/weeks/months to come… but I know that it will not disappoint.

On Friday I made a purchase… that looks really nice… but for my standards was not really that ethical (or even practical). I bought shoes… a lot of women here wear high heel shoes all the time so I am justifying the purchase by saying that I wanted to know if I could wear high heels all the time. (Ok ok, so the answer is likely no, but that will be my thinking to make me feel ok about buying these shoes).

The purse is more ethical and most definitely practical. I bought it in Insa-Dong last weekend from a vendor that said the purses were handmade.

On Saturday, a foreign teacher and I went for dinner at a very nice vegetarian restaurant in the foreigner district known as Itaewon. It is not really an area I plan to frequent much but it is very English friendly. It is a good place to buy things like oats because they are not available at the marts near where I live. It does cost more… because it is not coming directly from Korea. But for me getting adjusted to this new area I still need to make a few of these foreign food purchases.

Loving Hut is an international chain that serves vegetarian and vegan options. There is even a restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. The foreign teacher and I shared a tofu burger and an unbelieveable salad (good salad’s are very difficult to find in Korea, so I made sure to not let this one go to waste).

These next photos I took on Sunday. I went for a run, where I normally go and thought I would share a few photos. It was an interesting ‘look’ to have a camera in my sport jacket pocket.

There is so much going on in this photo. I am on a bike/walking/running path across a river from a driving range (yes those cyan coloured polls are holding a net so I don’t get hit by a golf ball while I am taking a photo) and there is a bridge above the driving range that looked like a highway when I ran under it. The bridge is massive, the photo does not do it any justice.

Along the bike path there are spots where there are large parking lots, the way the bike path works is that it is divided into two lanes. A biking lane (red) and a walking/running lane (green usually). I think it is great because there is less of a chance that a bicycle will hit a pedestrian if everyone follows the pathway guidelines.

I was given a Korean cookbook (written in Korean) so I really am working on learning Korean so I can read the cookbook and make some dishes to post on this blog! So stay tuned for that!

Thank you everyone for reading I hope you all had a great weekend and I will continue to keep you posted on my travels!!

Love Anna xoxoxoxox

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