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>Korea: Weekend Round-up

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This week has been a very busy week at work, which led to not many photos.

I started teaching some classes. It was good to get in the classroom and really get a feel for what it will be like this up-coming week. This up-coming week I start teaching my own class. I am looking forward to it… I think.

I am already beginning to dumb down the English I know now and becoming unbelievably talented at coming up with explanations for more ‘difficult’ words such as, important, rodeo and bucking. I have to work on my toes when I am with the children!

On to the weekend…

Saturday started off with the Seoul Flyers Running club, they had a 10km time trial. It was really great, I have not been timed for my 10km distance in over a year and a bit. I beat my personal best (PB) by over a minute and a half. I ran it in 48min and 20sec! I really could not believe it!

I came in third out of all the women that ran in the race (there were about 10) and I got a little prize pack of energy bars and gels. I was pretty happy with myself. Ok enough of stroking the ego…moving along…

The rest of my day was pretty low-key, I explored Anyang a bit and sat in a coffee shop sipping some fair trade blueberry rooiboos tea while writing some letters to dear friends I truly miss!!

Sunday was a great day, minus the weather. I experienced my first rain fall in Korea. It was unfortunate because it made the walking around not too much fun. I went to a traditional Korean musical performance with two other Canadians. The performance was breath-taking. The drums were just unbelievable. I was so moved by them.

If anyone reading this is offered to go to a Korean drum performance I highly recommend it! There was also some traditional songs and dances too that were just so well done!

We were not able to take any photos during the performance. After the show the performers allowed group shots to be take and there was a poll with photos and sticky notes on it. The photos were meant to be taken in exchange for an email address/words of encouragement. I took a photo later of the performance pamphlet with the free photos I took from the pole. (Which is seen above)

Finally, the people I was with (one being someone I met at the consulate while getting my visa, as if!) we decided to go to Myeongdong. Myeongdong is a place I was told about to go shopping. I just wanted to see it… and it was pretty intense. I got a really good photo of one of the main streets we were walking on. It pretty much looks like a lot of streets in Korea (that I have been on so far). But getting a good photo is very difficult due to the lighting and angle.

A closing note with a gimmicky Korean tourist attraction:

These stands are everywhere in Seoul. Usually around market like places where tourists will end up. It is a traditional Korean honey string treat. It is a combination of honey, corn starch and nuts. It is pulled to make 16 000 strings. Pretty cool! I like watching the vendors perform because they always make a humourous performance out of it which usually leads to a purchase made from whatever audiences they draw.

Thanks again everyone, miss you all lots! I will keep updating my blog with new adventures!

Love Anna xoxoxox

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One thought on “>Korea: Weekend Round-up

  1. AH! You beat me! I am just working on MY blog post for the weekend. I had so much fun today – we’ll have to get together again soon! Have a good week 🙂

    P.S. I have the same shoes as you 😛

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