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>Korea: Weekend Round-up

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This weekend was another adventure filled weekend. I love the weekends because they always remind me of how much I love to travel and how much more there is in the world to see…

Saturday I went to Suwon which hosts the UNESCO world heritage site of Hwaseong Fortress. I read a little about it and figured it would not be too difficult to find upon my arrival in Suwon. 

Well lets just say I got a little… ok a lot lost. I found an information booth that had a map (even a tourist map of another attraction… the toilet house). But I knew even after getting the map it would not be much help, landmarks are how destinations are found here in Korea so it helps to just keep walking and have a good eye for things. I ended up stumbling upon the fortress, it is quite large… when I found the fortress I was exhausted. I didn’t have enough energy to walk the 5-10km of the surrounding fortress area so I just explored the one area I was closest to, ‘Hwaseong Haenggung’ which was pretty neat.

I went to the Suwom Hwaseong Museum after to learn a little more about the fortress which was very enlightening. After the museum… I went to find food… typical.

I ended up getting a red bean paste filled dumpling, it was so good… what made it especially good was that the dumpling makers did not quite have the dumplings ready so they invited me inside behind the counter to sit down and chat. I was even offered mockley (which is a type of Korean wine). It was actually the best thing that could have happened to me, they fed me a few free dumplings, we chatted about Toronto and I was on my way… even thouugh I didn’t know where I was or where I was going I was no longer hungry and that is really all that mattered. A bus ride, stop at good will, taxi ride, train ride and walk later I found my way home!


I got my first pay check… and the first thing I did was go to the English bookstore in Iteawon. I was with a friend who was also very happy to go to a bookstore. After we went for dinner.

We did not stay in Iteawon though because it is a weird area that to a certain degree feels like you’re in a ‘little America/Canada’


My friend took me to a place that she really enjoys, it was near Insa-Dong. It was very good! Very spicy but I am getting better at eating spicy foods, I actually kind of like them now.

I really love the way people eat here, the set up of this meal is fairly typical for a Korean meal, there are lots of side dishes (usually Kimchi, pickled radish, sometimes fish, or meat…) each restaurant will have different side dishes. Everywhere you go there are side dishes served with the main meal. The meal itself is usually something to be shared amongst everyone that is eating. There are metal chopsticks (which are amazing, so much better than wooden ones) and a spoon for soup (which is also usually a side dish). I don’t know if I ever want to use a fork again…

I volunteered again and it was great. This weekend a lot more people showed up which is really great, it goes to show how much people really want to help!

Until next time! Much love,

Anna xoxoxoxox

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