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>Korea: Saturday

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I was walking around with two friends in Iteawon… one friend is leaving in the next few days to go back to the United States and he has been here for almost five years. He showed us some really cool spots. I really didn’t expect Iteawon to have cool hangout spots because everytime I have gone I am intimidated by all of the foreigner’s. 

We started walking innocently down a road towards an Islamic Mosque. We met a fork in the road and had to decide whether to take ‘hooker hill’ or ‘tranny hill’… to see a mosque.

Both ‘hills’ were pretty dead being Saturday afternoon. But it was still an interesting walk with a lovely Mosque at the top of the hill.

This was while at the mosque, we walked around a little and looked at the view of Seoul. We walked a lot more and saw some embassys and ambassador’s houses which was pretty neat. After all the walking we needed to rest. We ended up taking a subway to  Hyehwa station to go to a coffee shop. The coffee shop was so cool. Ok, ‘so cool’ may not be very descriptive but I don’t know what other better suited words to use.

 It is called Hakrim Cafe, and has been around since 1956. I plan to go back. I had a green tea milkshake. The website is all in Korean, but thought I would include it in case someone is in the Seoul area looking for a quiet corner to get cozy in.

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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