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>Korea: Adventures in Anyang

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This Sunday I decided I needed to explore the mountain near my apartment. (Saturday was low-key… but ended with me making some vegetable pancakes…recipe will be posted in a day or two)… Suri mountain is visible from the window in my apartment. I decided that I should really check it out.

It was suggested to take a bus to the base of the mountain. But I decided to walk instead.

This is a street a few blocks from my apartment where I had a realization. In the photo you can see people walking next to the cars and when I first arrived in Korea I didn’t feel comfortable walking so close to moving vehicles. But these back streets are the best to walk on because there are fewer people. My realization today was that I am getting more comfortable living here… one reason being that I am no longer scared of walking down streets where there are moving automobiles within an arms reach.

It took me about 30 minutes to find an entrance to the hiking paths. The entrance I found was not the main entrance to Suri mountain… but I didn’t realize it at the time. There was actually no people. I went from walking in city streets to a desolate area of trees and walking paths.

I walked for quite a while and didn’t know if I was on the right route, I walked up one peak… only to find another peak that was even higher… and this went on for quite a while until the path I was on met up with the main path to the top of Suri mountain. Once I got to this path there were more people… but still not nearly as many people as I have seen on other hiking adventures.

This was taken on top of one of the pre-peaks. While I was hiking I really noticed how mountainous the area I live in is. There are mountains/large hills everywhere. It made me think that when I am amongst the mountains and hills it really doesn’t feel like there is a city below… but when in the city it feels like there is no escape from all the people and traffic.

 This was taken about 20m off the main path, I found a little path that no one was on and got an amazing view. I was still not at the top.

When I got to the top of Suri mountain it was really cloudy, so all of the photos I took did not turn out too well. Except for this one,

It was well worth the walk. I really got more of a feel for the area that I live in. When walking back to my apartment I thought about how much more is learned through walking. Whenever I am on a subway or bus or in a car I pass through places so quickly and do not get the chance to really appreciate what that particular environment has to offer. But when walking… I am able to take my time, soak up my surroundings and just go with whatever happens… even if I do get lost.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Love Anna xoxoxo


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