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Strawberry Shortcake’wich’

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What exactly is a shortcake’wich’… I am still trying to figure that one out…

But I think I can best explain it by saying it is layers of bread stuffed with sweet goodness. (aka. strawberries, whipped cream and jam). Not to mention a sweeter french toast batter that the bread has been lathered in.

Typically my evenings will consist of a run, dinner with  friend, reading, cooking or catching up with people from far away places. When I run I usually ‘run’ a few errands. That errand today was to a place called ‘Paris Baguette’ it is a HUGE chain here in Korea. I tend to not go to it very often, but they have the best bread and when I am craving something other than rice and soup… this is the place to go.

I saw the whipped cream and just went for it. I haven’t seen any whipped/whipping cream since getting here. Not to mention I still don’t own a whisk yet. I haven’t found one that meets my standards… ok ok, I actually just don’t feel like shopping for one. I am trying to get by with all the second hand utensils I have.

I hope you enjoy! I know I sure did…

Stay tuned for more adventures! Miss you all,

Much love,

Anna xoxo

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

One thought on “Strawberry Shortcake’wich’

  1. Looks delicious!

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