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>Korea: A WWOOFing weekend


WWOOFing for those of you that don’t know stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms. That is exactly what I did this weekend. I got a glimpse of what country life is like in Korea.

This photo shows what rice fields look like. They are the rectangle looking ponds. 

 The farm I went to was located in a small town called Joam about 2 hours from where I live. I arrived Friday night and started working the next morning. For any of my green house friends reading you will be happy to know the farm made me think a lot about the work we did at the greenhouse. (Annuals vs. Perrenials anyone?)

It was a really great experience, the country life is a little different culturally but the ideals behind farming seem similar to ideals of farmers I know in Canada. All I know is that I was in dire need of a shower by the end of the weekend… which is expected when there is dirt involved.

This is where I worked on Saturday! We pinched back some of the new growth in the pumpkin plants and began planting. It was hard work but there was a real sense of accomplishment when we finished.

The WWOOFing host took us around town and introduced us to several people. One person being 84 years old…

… and farming. She has her own plot of land and farms garlic. All of it… on her own. She deserves some serious recognition. It is a really interesting story because the way she grows her garlic is a secret. She is the only one that farms garlic in her ‘secret’ way in the Joam area. She told us a little about it… but of course not everything. She even stopped talking to us at one point to continue working. I hope that her garlic grows for many years to come!

The coolest thing about the trip to the farm was that I was the first Canadian to ever be at the farm. The farm has had people visit from America, Hungary, France, Japan… and the list goes on. But no one from Canada! I really hope I gave a good impression of the country. It is a difficult task to represent everyone in Canada. I hope to go back to the farm in the summer to give some more Canadian insight and to see how the pumpkins are doing.

Well thats it for now! Back to another work week! I have an excellent idea for a food post… I am thinking of apples with crepes… OR Korean melons are in season right now… and they are amazing. More to come!

 Much Love, Miss you all very much!

Anna xoxoxo

PS> Anyone interested in WWOOFing in Korea should check out this website:

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2 thoughts on “>Korea: A WWOOFing weekend

  1. Oh my goodness Anna, this is so cool! I didn’t know they had this in Korea? Is it volunteer work or do you get paid? This is totally something I would like to do!

    • It is pretty neat! I will be going again, I hope to go once a month and try out different farms! Check out the website, … it is volunteer work but they provide you with a place to stay and food to eat. It is hard work, but it is a really great exerience. You have to pay 50 000 won to become a member, but other than that there are no other fees! Hope this helps!
      Anna xoxo

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