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The last several weekends I have packed my bags and explored a new area outside of Seoul. This weekend my body and mind needed a rest. Especially with the week I had at work! My blog is not a place for me to channel anything about my job but let me just say that it has been one hectic week!

Although, I couldn’t complain after guzzling down a red bean milkshake…

A friend and I explored an area of Seoul known as Hongdae in the late afternoon/evening. It was a really cool place. There are some really unique shops, restaurants, cafès, patios, and bars. I went into a store that was selling different things made from all recycled materials.

The most unusual experience was eating at a ‘Swedish restaurant’ that had Erdinger (German beer) and Alley Kat (Edmonton beer) on tap and served foods like penne and calamari… I have never eaten Swedish food but I am not quite sure if this restaurant is very Swedish… although they did have a large spirits menu…

 I didn’t take too many photos… per usual… but let me just say that it was a great way to spend a Saturday after a long week at work!

Stay tuned for my food post… you will find a slightly stressed ‘waegook’ (foreigner) flipping up some flapjacks… or pancakes!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoox

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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