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>Korea: Thrifting

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One thing I wasn’t too sure about before coming to Korea was shopping at thrift stores… like Salvation Army. This is where I get the majority of my clothing at home. A few weekends ago I went out with a friend on an adventure to find thrift stores. There is a chain here called ‘The Beautiful Store’ (The website is in English). The store was very small but had the same smell and feel of a Goodwill/Salvation Army/Value Village at home.

Next stop Salvation Army… I did some web searching to try to find locations but I couldn’t find any Salvation Army’s in the area. My friend just happened to have spotted one on a walk… so we followed her gut instinct and stumbled upon a Boutique Salvation. The Salvation Army was totally different from at home… almost everything in the store was new and looked as though it was stuff that was donated from factories. Kind of like the concept of a Winner’s. I was a little disappointed… especially since I didn’t really bring any summer clothes with me over here…

I am totally hooked to thrifting. I am not into shopping, but if there happens to be a Savation Army or other thrift store around… I will be there. I mean it can’t get much better than reusing old things and paying next to nothing for them!

 I even thought I would entertain you all by including a photo of my thrifting experience in Switzerland last spring! My friend and I had a day of browsing through old posters and jamming on an old piano! Can’t get much better than that!

(Photo Caption: Yes I was THAT excited… don’t judge)

Also, Salvation Army in German = Awesome

Hope you all have a great day! Much Love,

Anna xoxxo

PS> This weekend I was in Muuido Island and it was pretty awesome, I didn’t take many photos though so I may or may not blog about it!


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