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>Korea: Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art


Hear me out,

I know in my last post I explained how museums are not usually places I ‘have to go to’ when I travel but I think that being here for over 5 months allows me to be comfortable doing things I would do if I was back at home… 

Art museums are my favourite because I like exploring different perspectives of many different people from many different times. It is always a unique take on how someone sees the world…

When approaching the Leeum art gallery I saw the Maman by Louise Bourgeois. (aka. the big spider)… I was so shocked, the same piece is in front of the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. I thought it was one of a kind… which led to further research. Louise Bourgeois has Maman statues all over the world! Pretty cool, she passed away last May. I read her obituary on the Guardian – It is a pretty interesting read.

Interested in checking out the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art… more info at

After the art gallery, my friend and I went for a walk around the area. The museum is very close to Iteawon and there are some really nice houses in the area. Getting off the main strip of Iteawon leads to some wicked views and fewer people.

I know I have been mega slacking on the food part of my food blog… but don’t fret I am working on an ice cream bit (about ice cream found in Korea…and yes I have to eat a lot of ice cream for that post….tough life, I know)

AND I have some sweet treats taking a beauty sleep (in the freezer) before a food photoshoot… I am back! And fully recovered from the knock on the nogan!

Much Love,

Anna xoxox

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2 thoughts on “>Korea: Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

  1. Anna, What a surprise to see your photograph of 2 Mamans at the Samsung Museum of Modern Art. I’m not sure if/when you will return, but The National Gallery, Ottawa, has a show covering 60 years of Louise Bougeois’ work till March ’12. Such an amazing woman; creating Maman at 88, when most artists are well past their peak. I hope you are ok. I wondered why you weren’t in the 1/2 marathon that Lorraine ran. Perhaps a knock on the nogan?
    Take care, Kathie
    ps one good thing about all the rain you’re getting, is more time for blogs, food and photoshoots. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! That is great about the Louise Bourgeois exhibit! I will totally check it out if I get back in time! The rain does allow me to put a little more time into my blog posts…
      Have a great day!

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