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>Korea: Piece of the ‘ice cream berg’


Orange bar – Jeju orange ice pop

Green bar – Paris Baguette Green Tea Ice pop

Pink Bar – Jewel Ice Bar

You guessed it! Rainy season has for the time being come to an end! Which means it is officially hot! hot! HOT! And my diet has turned from rice and soup to ice cream and watermelon… and I am not complaining.

When I think of my favourite ice cream I think of homemade hard ice cream… which is what I eat a lot of in the summers in Canada… but in Korea it is a little different… there are lots of soft serve ice creams available and TONS of Baskin and Robbins… but there are also these…

…ice cream freezers… we have all been victims of them. Ice cream freezers are everywhere here with a large tempting variety of ice cream flavours. Personally, I think ice cream bars here are way better than the ones I would eat at home… especially because half of them have red bean in them!

So lets start this mystical journey of ice cream bars!  I will start with the first photo in this blog post of the ice pops:

Orange bar – Jeju orange ice pop – 65 calories, tastes like frozen orange juice on a stick

Green bar – Paris Baguette Green Tea Ice pop – 100 calories, one of my favourite green tea pops

Pink Bar – Jewel Ice Bar – 75 calories, not too sweet… a great treat after a run, has frozen mini ice cubes in it


Red Bean Bar – 150 calories, dark red in colour and has red beans throughout the bar… the ice cream melted before I got a chance to take a photo…

Personal sized milkshake – 200 calories, vanilla flavour (comes in coffee and cookies and cream flavours too) all I can say is that this is such a smart little packet (yes, you slurp away from the top blue part)… BUT it doesn’t have anything on Elgin Street Diner’s choco-banana milkshake…

Red Bean Filled Bar – 130 calories, there are many red bean bars and this one is not the best one I have had… it had an icy surrounding and a very watery red bean filling… it still hit the spot, but I don’t think I will buy it again

Frozen fish – 200 calories, ok so I thought I was out of luck when the fish bread stands closed down… little did I know these suckers were popping up all over in the freezers near my house! They have a waffle coating filled with a soft serve ice-cream and a layer of… you guessed it red bean paste…

Fruit and yogurt – 86 calories, this bar is pretty simple, it is yogurt frozen with fruit pieces in it but it makes for a good cool treat!

Let me inform you that I did not eat all this ice cream in one sitting… even though it would not be too difficult to do. This is just a little sample of the ice cream I am being spoiled with here in Korea.

Well I am off to the freezer…

Miss you lots! Much love,

Anna xoxo

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

2 thoughts on “>Korea: Piece of the ‘ice cream berg’

  1. wow anna, you’re quite the korean frozen treat expert. they all look super tasty, although i’m not yet sold on this red bean idea.

  2. The best in my opinion were the green melon flavored ones… They’re a long rectangular tube.. Actually I found them here at the korean grocery store in ottawa too..

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