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>Korea: Flooding

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I am currently packing my bags to leave for Jeju Island tomorrow! I am super excited. But before I think it is quite necessary to leave my followers with some news on the flooding around my area. There has been a lot of flooding. I took both the photos on different days on my walk to school… I was on a bridge hovering under my umbrella.

Flooding for me is something I am really not used to seeing… ever… so it really shocked me to see it happen… when I went for my run a day or two later there were mounds of mud along the running path and there were many people with shovels clearing the path… I think everyone here thought rainy season was over but mother nature gave us a surprise… typical…

Well all, I will be in Jeju for the week and will not think once about using a computer! I have written a post to keep you all entertained in the next week though so be sure to check back!

Miss you all lots!

Much love,

Anna xoxoxo

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

One thought on “>Korea: Flooding

  1. Have a great time on Jeju! I just got back and it was fantastic! Climb Hallasan and Sunrise Crater Mountain, check out the lava rock formations, rent scooters on Udo Island, and have fun in the sun! Message me when you get back – we need to get together before we both leave Korea! – Lorraine xoxo

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