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Devil’s Kiss Cupcakes


I am back, and not just back with nothing. I have made these tasty chocolate cupcakes for you guys. I arrived back from Hong Kong a few days ago. It is quite odd to be back in Canada after being away for 9 months in Asia. But I started my arrival off with nothing but a batch of cupcakes. I really can’t complain!

These cupcakes are a recipe found in Martha Stewart’s Cupcake recipe book. It is titled as ‘Devil’s Food Cupcakes’. I don’t know what a devil’s kiss would feel like but I hope it would be as cute as these cupcakes turned out!!

 I had a really wonderful time in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I met some wonderful people and made memories I will never forget. It is weird to be on my computer typing away when I know a week ago I was walking the streets of Hong Kong or sleeping in a hut on the beach. I plan to blog about my travels but to keep it to the title ‘Food blog’, I will incorporate recipes with my travel stories.

Me in Bangkok, Thailand

So be sure to stay tuned for more adventures and recipes! Now back to those spoooky Devil’s Kiss Cupcakes!

 Hope you enjoy, here is the recipe!

Love you all!

Anna xoxoxo

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

2 thoughts on “Devil’s Kiss Cupcakes

  1. Welcome back! And what a wonderful treat you’ve made! Could you please bring two over to my house (or three, if we want to include Wayne!) so we can eat and chat 🙂 Sending you a big hug and hope to see you soon, sarah

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