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Christmas Cheer aka. Christmas Crack

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I have traditions and they all surprisingly revolve around food. Christmas time is the one time a year where I allow myself to make Christmas Cheer aka. Christmas Crack.  It is the most addictive and unhealthy snack. But it is so delicious. It is originally the recipe off of a Chex cereal box titled ‘Muddy Buddies’ (now online: ) but I add Christmas M and M’s to make it more seasonal. I always make it once a year for an annual Christmas potluck with friends. I am positive everyone is looking forward to digging in tomorrow.

 This recipe is really, really great for a last-minute item if you need to bring it along somewhere. It is also a nice snack to have on the table with nuts and chocolate bark after… or before the main dinner dish is served. You could also package it up in cute jars with ribbons and give it away as gifts.

 You always know which guests have dipped their fingers into this treat because the icing sugar doesn’t lie. But let’s be fair, Christmas is the best time to treat yourself whether it is spending some extra time with friends or eating that extra slice of cake! We all have to indulge sometimes or else life would be boring!!

 Hope you enjoy! Don’t worry I am not ONLY bringing this to the potluck tomorrow. I am in the process of making mint filled brownie cupcakes… which will be posted on my blog at some point this weekend! Next week is my insane Christmas cookie bake-off. So be prepared, I will be fully loaded with nothing other than sprinkly sugary Christmas cheer!!

Love Anna xoxoxo

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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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