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French Toast Mash

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It is a long weekend for some of us, which means lazy mornings and delicious brunch. I had a friend in town visiting and it was her first time really getting a chance to explore the city. It was a fabulous weekend of food, food, running, and food. I love having people over because it gives me a really good excuse to make brunch. Not that I usually need an excuse…

This little egg friend looks goofy and was a gift from someone. I didn’t know if I would ever use it, but small whisks like this are perfect for a little beating in a small bowl. It usually cracks a laugh or two when it appears on my countertop!

  Whenever I have any type of bread lying around I make french toast, it just so happened that I had pumpernickel buns that were a few days past their time. When bread is a little stale it soaks up the egg mixture so much easier and gives for a moist french toast! With this dish you can get creative and add anything to it, hence why I called it a mash! A mish-mash of whatever happened to be in my kitchen. My theme this time was strawberry banana…

Well I hope that everyone that had a long weekend enjoyed it very much!

Much Love,

Anna xoxo

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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