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Popped Rice S’mores Bars

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Marshmallows, that mysterious ingredient that brings everything together… especially in the camp fire favourite of S’mores. If you don’t know what a S’more is, it is a toasted marshmallow usually stuffed with some chocolate in between two graham crackers.

Presuming everyone has a soft spot for s’mores has made me feel that it is acceptable to blog about this recipe… even though this blog entry is the furthest yet from local home-grown ingredients…

 How did I come up with this one? Well it started with a trip to the local mart near my house where I pick up this popped rice pictured above. It is local and convenient for me to buy, puffed wheat happens to be a bit further away from me so I settle for popped rice… as I was paying for my purchase the pleasant lady at the check-out told me she used this popped rice to make a sweet marshmallow treat… that was when I zoned out (hopefully with an un-awkward looking face) and came up with this idea!

I was super happy with the results! They are most definitely a treat you want to eat more than one time in a sitting. Which is good for adding a few more kilometers to that morning jog… call me crazy, but I would take more kilometers for more treats any day…

So try them out! Let me know what you think! I love feedback even if its negative! I don’t make too many bars because I prefer to make cupcakes… as you can tell! But I will admit that I really enjoyed making these bars… and eating them…

Hope you are having an aweeeeesome weekend!

Much Love,

Anna xoxox

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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