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Chocolate Peanut Butter Power

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This week is shaping up to be one hectic week. There is no other suitable descriptive word to use but hectic! I have taken on a few new exciting projects (that will appear on my blog in the coming weeks) that are taking up more of my time which makes it pretty busy, but busy in the best way possible (which means a kitchen is involved)! Since I have been busy with other baking related projects I needed some power to pump out this blog post. Not just any power but chocolate peanut butter power.

Let me explain, I have made similar granola/energy bars here when I was in Korea and they turned out great. I knew it would be an easy solution to a hectic week. We all get busy and don’t have enough time for some things but there is always fifteen minutes to whip up an easy batch of no-bake granola bars.

 I initially got inspiration when I was given a Larabar (chocolate peanut butter flavour). I looked at the ingredients and was amazed to only see 3 or 4 ingredients! It also tasted great! Which led to me in my kitchen ready to whip up a storm!

Maybe it is a tough sell to people who don’t like dates but honestly these squares taste like peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough…except you know that you are getting something with no butter and no added sugar! Nature at it’s finest… well maybe the chocolate chips kind of tilt the scale a bit…

Now you have the ingredients to healthy power!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Much Love,


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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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