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Tahini Dumplings



Sometimes the most unexpected experience is the most wonderful. Like taking a bite out of a Tahini Dumpling… with a large dollop of lemon curd. A little on the unexpected experience side, but mostly just pretty darn tasty!

rollingoutdumplingThese are a cinch to make and are an easy way to impress a guest. For an added crunch I put some chopped pecans in the filling as well. The combination of the citrus in the lemon curd just really sits well on the palette. My taste-buds were clearly dancing after enjoying a few of these dumplings…


Winter time calls for comfort foods like these dumplings that will automatically brighten up the day. These little filled and boiled dough pockets mean no funny business when it comes to the happiness of one’s taste-buds.

Stay bright and warm and thanks for stopping by!

Have a great, great, great day!

Anna xoxoxo



Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

2 thoughts on “Tahini Dumplings

  1. This looks fantastic Anna! Definitely creative and I’m eager to try them. It looks mega easy to convert to gluten free. Love it!

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