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Boiled and Baked Bagels

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Along with creating our very own peanut butter chocolate muffin Liz from Noms for the Poor came over to make delicious butters to accompany my bagels. Liz is a great master baker/chef/blogger/photographer and more recently videographer! She made a cute video of me making bagels! So be sure to not only check out her blog but also the video she made!


Now let us dive right into serious bagel talk. I have very fond memories of bagels. Especially the ones that come directly from a wood burning oven. When living in Ottawa, I would take any form of transit to the nearest Kettleman’s bagels.

Is it a surprise that I don’t have a wood burning oven handy? I thought so too! But who needs one when you can make equally as delicious bagels!


They are super easy to make and not nearly as dense as the bagels you would get at the store.  And with Liz’s super tasty roasted garlic butter and cinnamon honey butter you are pretty prepared to take on the morning, night or entire day!

By the way if you didn’t check out her blog at the beginning of this post, you still have a chance to now!  For the lovely butter recipes, check out Liz’s blogpost here! And if you missed it, here was our first blogpost together: my link, and Noms link.




I had much fun working with Liz and  I hope to have her over again soon for some more kitchen madness.. aka. food geek out time!

As always Thanks for stopping by and feel free to stop by again!
Much Love,
Anna xoxox




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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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