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Ginger Apple Beet Juice – No Juicer Required!



An unedited blogpost is a funny sight for me! I always write my posts late at night and edit them in the morning. It always gives me a good chuckle… especially this time. I pretty much described how much I love beets over three sentences. I also had several embarrassing puns that involved beet and beat (Like this one: You just can’t stop a beet!). Don’t worry I won’t encourage too much pun fun for the remainder of this post.


Back to the incredible beet! One reason why I like them so much is because of their natural bright colour and taste. It is such a versatile vegetable and is used in so many sweet and savoury recipes.




If you were wondering about why I didn’t use a juicer here is a little fact about me: If I can avoid ANY appliance I will. I prefer kneading with my hands or mixing with a wooden spoon. So when I feel like juice, I grab my strainer and go to town. Of course I am not perfect so sometimes will give into the juice at the store, but it is not the same.


Just to put it out there, beet juice is a unique taste and if you are not a fan of beets you may not like this juice. An added bonus of juicing is the leftover pulp. It can be instantly turned into almost anything! I will usually make savoury beet pancakes, vegan chocolate cupcakes, oatmeal, hummus, or a soup.

It may seem like a lot of work for only 1 glass of juice but perspective fills in the gaps. If a small amount of juice comes from a large quantity of fruits and veggies, how much juice should one really be drinking?

Do you like to juice? Do you use a juicer? What is your favourite juice? (it doesn’t have to be homemade!) Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxo



Beet Juice Recipe

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2 thoughts on “Ginger Apple Beet Juice – No Juicer Required!

  1. I love the earthyness of beet and apple juice! But I use a juicer to make it 🙂 On the other hand I don’t have a blender, I don’t have the space for lots of applices and I drink so much juice I really needed a juicer more.
    I also love carrot, apple and ginger juice.
    Raw pumkin, apple, honey and cinnaman
    Rasberry and orange
    Fig, pear and apple … so many things can be done 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! A juicer definitely makes sense if you drink a lot of juice 🙂 I love those flavour combinations I have never tried to use raw pumpkin before in juice, I can’t wait to try it out! Have a happy day! 🙂

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