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Vegan Peanut Lime Mini Cupcakes



A peanut lime cupcake is a unique flavour combination.  A moist citrus cake paired with a simple and sweet peanut butter frosting is delightful. I got inspired while eating a salad. How does something super healthy (like a salad) inspire a unique cupcake? Well first off, I eat a lot of salads, so the likelihood of me being inspired while eating a salad is pretty darn high.

Now normally I don’t like salad dressing on my salads, but at this particular restaurant I was at they had a peanut lime salad dressing. It perked my interest as a different sort of flavour. Which than made me think it was a challenge to make this savoury sauce a super sweet and delicious dessert! After a couple of times trying it out I think I was successful. My friends will have to be the ones that let you know their thoughts (if you want a balanced opinion).




Now when it comes to curds I am a strong believer in using eggs and butter. I am still working on developing a vegan curd but my logic says it may not be possible. There are recipes out there that use interesting ingredients to replace the eggs and butter but ultimately I really think it is difficult to recreate a curd without animal products. BUT, feel free to prove me wrong, if you have a recipe for a curd that was super, share it with me! I would love to see!

In saying all that I actually did make a tasty vegan curd using parsnips and coconut oil along with lots of limes! It tasted good but there was a slight parsnip flavour. Which I enjoyed, but you may not. If you have any leftover curd you can refrigerate  and use it as a nice spread on a cracker.



There you have it! Peanut lime cupcakes are a thing!

Thanks again for stopping by and yay for spring! See you on the sunny side 🙂

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxox

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Peanut Lime Mini Cupcakes

  1. Want an interesting combination. I would have never thought of peanuts and lime in a cupcake. They look great!

  2. Wow, first of all I had no idea you could use parsnips in a curd and whoaaa peanuts and limes? Yes yes yes!!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! I didn’t know about parsnips in a curd either. You can definitely taste it, it is a similar consistency as applesauce. The cupcakes were definitely a hit! 🙂 Have a great day. P.S> Your blog is super!

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  5. I found this recipe for another vegan lime curd, haven’t tried it yet but it doesn’t involve parsnips…

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