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Espresso Almonds + Toronto Picnickers III

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It has been a quite a wonderful time full of adventures, and friends. This summer has gone by in a snap! With the evenings beginning to be a bit chilly, tea and good books start to trend. Each season has it’s very own unique adventures. With all the hiking, and outdoor adventures a snack with a kick comes in handy. Especially something like these quick and easy Espresso Almonds.



This is also post III of the Toronto Picnickers! It has been a wonderful journey through the parks of Toronto over the summer months. Loads of great food, and wonderful people all with one passion, to eating the best foods. With the colder months approaching we hope to take our picnics indoors. Any suggestions of places in Toronto that might be a nice spot for an indoor picnic?





For the full story on the picnic, you’ll have to check out Swallow. For more recipes from the picnic you will have to check out Liz at Noms for the Poor, which is an awesome website if you haven’t checked it out yet.

The recipe for the almonds is listed below. Have a wonderful week filled with pumpkins and apples! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon,

Anna xoxoxo




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