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Morning Blues Blueberry Smoothie (Vegan)

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My morning ritual usually consists of an alarm going off, and rolling around in my bed to find where this irritating noise is coming from. I then proceed to turn off this irritating noise for at least 10 minutes, maybe 20, or until slightly conscience. When I finally realize that it is time to take on the day I make sure the social media world didn’t crash while I was sleeping and then I FINALLY get out of bed and make this smoothie.


For this recipe I also tried out those Natural Delight Dates I received for free. Which really made my smoothie super! But sometimes I don’t have dates so I will use a splash of agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup instead.


Don’t let the morning blues get you and whip up a tasty smoothie! How do you start your morning? Hope you have a fantastic day!



Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

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