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French Toast Bites


untitled-14If you haven’t already guessed, I absolutely love breakfast. The only thing better than breakfast is waking up to the aroma of breakfast and knowing you’ll be eating very soon. I love being the first one up in the kitchen creating that delightful scent that will soon make its ways into the tummies of the one’s I love most!

This recipe was inspired by a loaf of bread I received for free! I was delivered a lovely box filled with one loaf of fresh Sunmaid Raisin Bread, recipe cards (ideas of what to make with the bread), and more coupons. I had to get into the kitchen immediately and whip something up. I thought back to an old post/recipe I made a year or two ago while I was living in Korea called Strawberry Shortcake’wich‘ which was a dessert bite that was a take on strawberry shortcake. The photos are not my best but it is really cool to re-read something I wrote (and photographed) a while ago.

untitled-4Now french toast is super easy and I have blogged about it a few other times, like this French Toast Mash, or more recently Baked French Toast. Who doesn’t love using old bread to make a delicious breakfast treat? My next challenge will be to make vegan french toast which I am already working on. Roommates, get your forks ready!

untitled-6My advice so the bite size pieces stay in perfect little cubes and not soggy un-shapely like bread pieces is to not let the bread soak in the egg mixture. A quick dunk and onto the hot frying pan works best. This may be obvious, but I somehow started out with a french toast scramble before correcting myself!

untitled-9You can just use regular toothpicks, but I had some leftover toothpicks I made from an event and they worked perfect for these bites. The ones that say ‘eat me’ I didn’t make and are from vintagetwee on Etsy.

These bites are perfect because you get a mouthful of fruit, french toast and almond butter! Feel free to play around with what you stick on the toothpick with the french toast, the options are endless! What are your favourite brunch recipes? Have you tried making vegan french toast before?

Wishing you the very best this morning and hope you have many brunches this weekend, or at least 2!

Much Love,




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I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

2 thoughts on “French Toast Bites

  1. LOVE this… I’m quite certain they are as delicious as they are pretty. I”m printing this one for sure.. ❤

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