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Vegan Cranberry Orange Bran Muffins


Fresh produce is hard to come by once the temperatures drop below zero, snow falls, and ice begins to build up creating more excuses to eat comfort foods and stay indoors. For me, this winter has been a hard one to crack, the weather isn’t consistent. As soon as I adjust to -10 it has already changed to freezing rain and -2.

How to cope?

Well I turn on the oven and whip up something tasty like these muffins. Made with fresh local cranberries and full of fiber, which are the perfect compromise, and can be eaten for breakfast with no guilt!

I may detest the indecisive weather patterns but it does provide much inspiration when it comes to taking photos._MG_6138
Speaking of photography, I have been reflecting (as one sometimes does) and thinking about how happy I am to have someone like my dad in my life who is probably the best photographer I know. He may be good at taking selfies, but along with that, he has taught me about the passion behind the lens. Ever since I started taking pictures with a film point-and-shoot camera he always told me that “The quality of the camera doesn’t matter, all you need is a good eye.” I always liked this piece of advice because I never wanted to spend money (I didn’t have) on a camera.
It pushed me to develop my creative look on things instead of developing a mass of photography gear. Several years later and I’m considered to be an adult, I am still borrowing my dad’s tripod, have acquired a used DSLR camera, baked truck loads of cupcakes, and my photography continues to grow.
It felt for a few days as though I was living in a dreamy winter land of ice and snow, perfect timing for the holiday celebrations.
_MG_6093_MG_6104_MG_6142_MG_6146_MG_6174When I grew tired of snapping shots, it was time to hibernate back into the warmth of the house and these muffins were next on the menu. I absolutely love the citrus kick from the orange juice + zest, and the tangy bite from the fresh cranberries. Oranges and cranberries were obviously meant to be together!_MG_6188
Thanks for stopping in the many times you have! It has been a wonderful year and I absolutely can’t wait for many more awesome food times in the new year!

Much Love,
Anna xoxo
_MG_6197_MG_6203_MG_6219 recipe

Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Cranberry Orange Bran Muffins

  1. What a lovely post. What lovely photos.. What a lovely muffin recipe. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi, you mention oil in your instructions but not in the ingredient list. Should oil be included and if so how much?

    • Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the mistake, you are correct, I forgot to add the oil. The amount is 1/4 cup oil that should be added. I will update the recipe now 🙂 Thanks again for catching that and happy baking!

      Anna xoxo

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