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Easy Butter Crunch



This recipe has been passed down through generations in my family. One of those heirloom recipes that just screams nostalgia every time a bite is taken. Whenever I take a crunch into this candy I flashback to 8 year old Anna on Christmas at my Great Aunts house. The table was filled with homemade everything; sauces, breads, vegetables from the garden, cookies, and pretty much anything delicious you could imagine. After dinner was cleared there would be trays of treats, pies, and little bowls overflowing with easy butter crunch delicately placed around the house. Now, as an 8 year I was only allowed a certain number of candies, cookies, and squares. That didn’t stop me from sneaking to one of the tables with a bowl of easy butter crunch. It got easy once the adults retired to the sitting room and fell into deep conversation. This was when I ate my actual threshold of easy butter crunch.
Whenever I find myself re-creating this classic masterpiece, I always reflect and remember how much I admired my Great Aunt. She worked so hard to make the best meal for all the people she loved. Everyone attending these feasts would always go for seconds, or thirds, without even being asked because the food on the table was the most delicious.
Now it is my turn to keep this addictive treat in the family for generations to come, and the internet is a good spot for that! This recipe is EASY! it is only tough if you get frazzled when the butter looks a little wonky, or separates from the sugar. You just have to keep whisking, and remind yourself that it is a simple recipe and it will work out.
If you want to add some nuts to this crunch when you set aside your lined baking tray, fill the tray with about 1 cup of chopped peanuts, almonds, pecans, or cashews (whichever is your favourite!) and once the sugar mixture is cooked pour directly over the nuts, and continue following the recipe.
Is this recipe a classic among your family? What recipes does your family cherish?

Thanks so much for dropping by, I can’t wait to share more delicious recipes with you! Have a happy day:)
Much love,

Anna xoxoxo



Author: cupcakesalwayswin

I am a certified baker and love to share my passion of entertaining friends and family.

14 thoughts on “Easy Butter Crunch

  1. LOVE this. LOVE. I really mean it. LOVE. I need to make it. tonight. Seriously. πŸ™‚

    • It is so addictive! Let me know how it goes, and if the batch lasts more than a night πŸ™‚

      • I did make it!! My 18 year old son’s radar kicked in, and all of a sudden he wanted to hang out in the kitchen with me while I made it.. Haha! Now I know how to get his attention!

        It was so easy to make, and so yum… Yeah, it didn’t last long at all! Wonderful recipe!!

        I don’t have one of those baking mats (because it’s 6am, and I can’t think of what they’re called!) that you have, I used parchment paper instead… And it worked fine. I do want to get those mats though… Do you like them? Are they worth buying?

      • This is too amazing! I am so happy you were able to make this and enjoy it, and even share your story with me! I am touched πŸ™‚

        The baking mats are called Silpats, and they can be used instead of parchment paper. Although, I don’t like using it for cookies. I usually use it for pizza, candy, thin delicate cookies, or cookies you want to mould into a cone shape. It is handy, but not necessary, it saves me from using parchment paper all the time. The only advice is to not cut directly on the Silpat, it might create a hole in the mat!

        Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. I love these photos πŸ™‚ The lighting is just beautiful and the butter crunch looks deliciously decadent! If you don’t mind me asking, what type of camera do you use? I’m looking to buy a new one and I need some ideas haha! Thanks, Niki x

    • Hey Niki,

      Not a problem! I actually bought my camera used from a friend who didn’t use her dslr much. It is a Canon Rebel T1i, what gives my photos the nice lighting and dreamy quality is the 50mm lens I bought to use instead of the 18mm-75mm lens that came with the camera. Also, I always shoot in daylight, I use a window facing East or West and place the food either in front of the window or to the side of the window. I hope that helps! It is tough to know what camera to buy, but I am learning that my best friend is natural light, and my 50mm lens. But it could be totally different for you! Good luck shopping!

      Anna xoxo

      • Thanks so much, that’s so helpful! I was looking at the Canon Rebel, a few food bloggers seem to use it πŸ™‚ I try to shoot in daylight as well, but struggle with harsh shadows etc; I’ll try your tip about an east/west window and perhaps that will help! Thanks so much again for your help! x

  3. This reminds me of my mom’s almond toffee. I could eat a whole bucket of this stuff!

  4. I saw this recipe last night and just made it now. Extremely easy (even without a candy thermometer). I used parchment paper also, worked out fine. I also added finely chopped walnuts to one side of it. I have many family traditional recipes and reading your story reminded me of the same sneaking of goodies. I will be adding this one to my favorites (and not only for holidays – anytime), I know it will get rave reviews, thank you πŸ™‚

  5. I used to make this all the time but lost the recipe. Thanks for the recipe. I am dying to make it again.

  6. Yum – this looks great! I love how food can bring us back to other places and other times, and I love reading about other people’s food memories! Thanks for sharing (both the recipe and the childhood anecdote).

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