Cupcakes Always Win

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Vegan Ginger Spiced Hot Chocolate


My family and I always visit a local tree farm to cut the perfect evergreen for the holidays. We’ve been doing it since we were young. It has always involved a labyrinth walk through a field filled with hundreds of Christmas trees to choose from. We always have trouble finding the one that is perfectly fitting for the occasion.

Some years there is snow, other years there is rain, but no matter what the weather we always strap on suitable outdoor gear and find the perfect tree! We always finish our tradition with some hot chocolate, or apple cider. Which is where this recipe comes in super handy. Having returned from adventures around the world, I wanted to make a more interesting hot chocolate that is loaded with spices! I loaded it with WAY too many marshmallows… just because it looked cool.

I also have been baking so many things because there is always a party, and everyone loves home baking. I had some leftover gingerbread and decided to make some gingerbread sticks that could be used to dip in the spiced chocolatey goodness. It was probably the best decision I made that day.



The other nice thing about being home for the holidays is having extra helping hands. My sister was super amazing and helped me by being the prop in my little photo shoot. These photos wouldn’t have been complete without her 🙂




Now the hot chocolate itself is vegan, but I added marshmallows, which are not very vegan at all. If you want to make it vegan, just omit the marshmallows or find some vegan ones in the shops around Kensington Market in Toronto.

Do you have any family traditions over the holidays? What is your go to hot drink when it is chilly? Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! Thanks for following me, and I hope to give you some more tasty treats worth making in the new year!

Anna xoxoxoxox





Vegan Chocolate Stout Milkshake


Vegan and milkshake didn’t always belong in a sentence together until this exact minute, where there is a photo of a milk-less shake in front of you and it can be yours in moments… well at least moments after making it yourself.

I love trying new beers, and I absolutely love when craft Ontario breweries create unique flavours and seasonals. When making vegan desserts coffee, and stout are the perfect way to add a unique flavour profile to make them taste extraordinary.


Taking photos of food should usually be quite easy since the subject matter doesn’t move. But because I move, and move everything around to get the perfect photo there are always spills. In this instance, as I was taking a photo of the stout, I happened to spill it, everywhere! Before hitting re-start and cleaning up I took this as an opportunity for a photo, and a story to share.



Don’t be scared off by the tofu, silken tofu has barely any flavour and absorbs the chocolate and stout flavour extraordinarily well.




Cheers to stopping by, I hope you enjoyed another recipe from my kitchen, what sort of things do you like to make with stout?





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Morning Blues Blueberry Smoothie (Vegan)


My morning ritual usually consists of an alarm going off, and rolling around in my bed to find where this irritating noise is coming from. I then proceed to turn off this irritating noise for at least 10 minutes, maybe 20, or until slightly conscience. When I finally realize that it is time to take on the day I make sure the social media world didn’t crash while I was sleeping and then I FINALLY get out of bed and make this smoothie.


For this recipe I also tried out those Natural Delight Dates I received for free. Which really made my smoothie super! But sometimes I don’t have dates so I will use a splash of agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup instead.


Don’t let the morning blues get you and whip up a tasty smoothie! How do you start your morning? Hope you have a fantastic day!




Ginger Apple Beet Juice – No Juicer Required!


An unedited blogpost is a funny sight for me! I always write my posts late at night and edit them in the morning. It always gives me a good chuckle… especially this time. I pretty much described how much I love beets over three sentences. I also had several embarrassing puns that involved beet and beat (Like this one: You just can’t stop a beet!). Don’t worry I won’t encourage too much pun fun for the remainder of this post.


Back to the incredible beet! One reason why I like them so much is because of their natural bright colour and taste. It is such a versatile vegetable and is used in so many sweet and savoury recipes.




If you were wondering about why I didn’t use a juicer here is a little fact about me: If I can avoid ANY appliance I will. I prefer kneading with my hands or mixing with a wooden spoon. So when I feel like juice, I grab my strainer and go to town. Of course I am not perfect so sometimes will give into the juice at the store, but it is not the same.


Just to put it out there, beet juice is a unique taste and if you are not a fan of beets you may not like this juice. An added bonus of juicing is the leftover pulp. It can be instantly turned into almost anything! I will usually make savoury beet pancakes, vegan chocolate cupcakes, oatmeal, hummus, or a soup.

It may seem like a lot of work for only 1 glass of juice but perspective fills in the gaps. If a small amount of juice comes from a large quantity of fruits and veggies, how much juice should one really be drinking?

Do you like to juice? Do you use a juicer? What is your favourite juice? (it doesn’t have to be homemade!) Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxo



Beet Juice Recipe

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Raspberry Lemonade

Life gave me lemons.

16 to be precise…

…and I made lemonade!

I had no idea that the lemon ‘saying’ was true, especially living in Canada where we don’t really harvest lemons. But what can I say, these lemons just rolled into my life.

These days it has been pretty hot in the city… but cooling off with an ice cold glass of lemonade sounds dandy to me!

I also thought that it would be great to make raspberry lemonade ice cubes… that way the drink stays cool without becoming watered down. It was a great idea appreciated by your truly… after a hot cycle or run I can be seen been running straight to the freezer for one of those cubes of frozen goodness. It really hits the spot!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and don’t work too hard on this shorter week! Like I said in my last post I am making some adjustments so I appreciate your patience! My monthly Farmer’s Market Review is available on Feast On It, so check it out… I made something delicious with Ontario strawberries… and naturally chocolate happened to show up!

Have an awesome day!

Much Love,

Anna xoxo

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Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

I want to give you something to show I don’t only shower myself with cupcakes.

I do eat fruit and vegetables too… believe it or not they are actually the main part of my diet… that is, when I am not scarfing down sweets.

But sometimes I don’t feel like a salad or a piece of fruit but I want a refreshing drink… enter smoothies… like this one I posted a while back: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

I drink smoothies pretty often since I am constantly running or biking. I saw this Super Green Smoothie at Noms For the Poor (which is an awesome little blog you should all check out). That particular blog post got me to expand my smoothie making and try adding some spinach to an otherwise normal smoothie.

I will say it tasted great, it was not super sweet like if I was to add frozen strawberries or peaches but it was really refreshing. It may not be something everyone enjoys but after a long run (or 1 dozen mini cupcakes)… this smoothie tastes great!

Enjoy your Friday!

Much Love,

Anna xoxox

 OK so maybe you have had enough of the healthy food stuff in the last couple posts… don’t worry… I will be posting a sweet treat that involves chocolate and cream cheese early next week… so be sure to check back!


Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Anyone that has lived with me knows that this smoothie is what I run off of. I think back to my student days (not so long ago) and rushing from exams to class to the library and lugging a magic bullet container with this pure energy of a smoothie. I may not drink coffee, coke or energy drinks but peanut butter banana smoothies are what continue to get me through hectic days.

 This smoothie is also my go-to revival for after my long hour and a half runs on the weekends. It is refreshing and always hits the spot.

I included this photo because I absolutely love opening a new container of yogurt. There are those little bubbles on the top that I just think look pretty cool. It is also more heavy (fat wise) before I stir it… which tends to taste pretty good…

A good friend of mine introduced me to a simple dessert of plain yogurt drizzled with maple syrup. Pretty Canadian eh? But it is actually super tasty, I highly recommend it to ‘sweet tooth’s like myself that want to make some healthy sweet treats… if that is even possible…

I like this smoothie because I can make it as sweet as I like. On days when it needs to be less sweet I won’t add the maple syrup, but on days where I need an extra boost, I may just drown the smoothie with a few extra tablespoons of maple syrup.

There you have it! A great grab for those on the go or for any occasion to switch up the beverage choices! Hope you enjoy!!