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Vegan Chai + A Great Chai Wallah

Vegan Chai-Canada

While travelling around India I met a numerous amount of incredibly inspiring people at chai stands. It was one place I could always expect a great discussion, story, or new friend(s). Each stand varies with which spices are used and where milk is sourced from, but just like any other delicious addictive beverage everyone has individual preferences. My most memorable chai wallah (tea seller/server) was found near my hostel, who’s art is pictured within this post. He was kind enough to allow me to take photos while he made tea, and now I can share them with you!

Vegan Chai-India

His set up was nothing elaborate, but the end result was an explosion of flavour! The steps I followed to make my recipe were from watching him make tea multiple times. I don’t know the exact spices he used, but I have an idea. It’s good to keep some things a secret now and again. Especially if you want returning customers!

Vegan Chai-India-4

Vegan Chai-India-5

Vegan Chai-India-7

Vegan Chai-India-8

Vegan Chai-India-11

Now chai isn’t a daily ritual which is probably a good thing! But with all this snow and cold weather my winter weekends usually start with a glass of chai. Be sure to check out Liz’s post on Lemongrass Ginger Chai, we met up in Mumbai and shared a couple glasses of chai, which was great!

My recipe is not a strict one, go with the flow, you might have to test run you spice mixture a couple of times but then you’ll have a secret of your own!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon!

Vegan Chai-Canada-3

Vegan Chai-Canada-6



Vegan Poppy Seed Roll


These poppy seed rolls have been hypnotizing me ever since the first day I got to try one. When I was young, my dad would bring them home every Friday night to eat for breakfast over the weekend. It was obviously my favourite part of the week. The tradition was short lived because my dad’s workplace moved… but that just meant the search for the most delicious poppy seed roll began.




Even though Easter has past and this treat is typically an Easter or Christmas food, I have been wanting to try making one myself! This recipe was great, I made a few adjustments that you can see below! I think next time I would like to add a hint of citrus in the glaze or in the poppy seed filling. If you are planning on making this play around and let me know how it goes!




The other great thing about this recipe is that it is vegan! High fives to all my vegan friends!

This roll is naturally so pretty with layers of poppy seeds poking out when sliced. It is definitely a crowd pleaser! The recipe makes two rolls so if you don’t need that much just half the recipe.

For old times sake I have one stored in my freezer waiting to take home to my dad the next time I see him, and maybe create a new tradition…

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Much Love, Anna xoxox