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Refreshing Cucumber Salad


Most veggies taste amazing on their own, but sometimes adding a little salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice takes them to the next level. This is a common salad I found throughout India. When I was to going to order some sort of fresh food, it was usually the cucumber salad.

It’s simplicity made it easy to re-create while on the road in New Zealand, especially with lemon trees on every block.



There are so many types of lemons available in New Zealand. I don’t know the variety that was most common but it was a lot sweeter than lemons I buy in Canada. For this salad, I decided to add sliced lemons along with the fresh lemon juice because of the awesome flavour profile of the lemons. But if that is a little too tart for your liking, then don’t bother with the lemon slices!


If you want a quick snack for a hike chop large pieces of cucumbers and spritz with lemon juice before putting them in a container. You’ll be super thankful for this hydrating veggie once you are mid-hike!

I also included a few snaps I captured while in New Zealand! Hope you enjoy! xox








Strawberry Cookie Snack Bar


Do you usually listen to music when you cook or bake? I definitely do. Not only does music inspire me but it allows me to dance when I need to wait for something to bake in the oven. One of my all time favourite bands to listen to while in the kitchen is The Cat Empire.

Don’t blame me for promoting these guys because simply… they rock!



For those of you that do know The Cat Empire you will also know that they just released a new album and will be on a world tour very soon… which only means one thing. I will be seeing them perform live super soon and I absolutely cannot wait! While dancing/baking to The Cat Empire I whipped up a batch of these cookie snack bars that are perfect for any sort of touring or travelling.

Along with live musical outdoor events the summer is all about hitting the road to find new adventures and inspirations. Naturally in tow are some seasonal fruits and a homemade snack bar for a boost of energy. Why not combine the two? Strawberries and a snack bar to go!




I have very nostalgic memories of listening, and dancing to The Cat Empire with my best friends/roommates. Of course I was usually baking, and naturally as soon as there was a scent of something sweet wafting up the stairs each friend would quickly make their way downstairs to dance (likely story). The bonus was that if timed correctly as soon as the dancing got boring there was a treat that needed to be devoured immediately almost like wild animals 😉

We all love a lot of other bands too, but there is something catchy about The Cat Empire that keeps you snapping and dancing every album from beginning to end!


Now about these trail bars, I actually baked the strawberries right into the mix. It turned out perfectly. It took a lot longer to bake than I had originally anticipated but it was worth the wait.

Thanks for stopping by and keep smiling and dancing in the kitchen! Cheers to friends and delightful bands!

Much Love,

Anna xoxox