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Refreshing Cucumber Salad


Most veggies taste amazing on their own, but sometimes adding a little salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice takes them to the next level. This is a common salad I found throughout India. When I was to going to order some sort of fresh food, it was usually the cucumber salad.

It’s simplicity made it easy to re-create while on the road in New Zealand, especially with lemon trees on every block.



There are so many types of lemons available in New Zealand. I don’t know the variety that was most common but it was a lot sweeter than lemons I buy in Canada. For this salad, I decided to add sliced lemons along with the fresh lemon juice because of the awesome flavour profile of the lemons. But if that is a little too tart for your liking, then don’t bother with the lemon slices!


If you want a quick snack for a hike chop large pieces of cucumbers and spritz with lemon juice before putting them in a container. You’ll be super thankful for this hydrating veggie once you are mid-hike!

I also included a few snaps I captured while in New Zealand! Hope you enjoy! xox








Homemade Pasta With Roasted Garlic


My family has been eating pasta every Saturday for years. Sometimes (most times) my dad and I felt it was necessary to make pasta by hand!  Which was the beginning of another family food tradition. When I moved away from home for school, I was left with no pasta maker and would dream about making fresh homemade spaghetti. Until one day my parents visited me with a small present… A PASTA MAKER!! They found it at a yard sale for $15. This dish is super simple, the only tough thing is, you will need a pasta maker.

It serves 4 people and only costs $0.33/person. Now why is this amount so important?




Well let me answer! Have you heard of Live Below the Line? It is a challenge to eat for no more than $1.75 a day. I was contacted by the lovely Erica who encouraged me to post a recipe for the cause. I got so excited that I developed 3 recipes for everyone that is taking part in the Live below the Line challenge! This is the first one, I will be releasing them over the next couple of days. I really hope to provide some ideas and inspiration to everyone participating in this awesome initiative!



I really believe that I am the most lucky when it comes to my family, friends, and living situation. Whenever I can give back, I really hope to do so! By eating for $1.75 a day it forces you to cost out all your ingredients even the small flavour enhancers like salt! Which is less than a cent for a gram, but can add up fast when there is only $1.75 to be spent.



I like this idea so much that I have created my own challenge… I am challenging myself to eating for $1.75 once a month all the time. I think this slight change in my lifestyle will encourage me to keep thinking less about me and more about others. But this is my personal challenge, do you ever challenge yourself to lifestyle changes?

I definitely want to give a pat on the back to Live Below the Line and encourage everyone to check it out and maybe even follow them on twitter @LBLCA

As always, thanks for taking a moment out of your day to pop by!

Much Love,

Anna xoxoxoxox



Caramel Corn – no corn syrup!


Cute little buckets of caramel corn!?!?! Yes please!

This is what a New Year should be filled with, sweet and crunchy popcorn. As you are now aware, I popped into this New Year with loads of poppin’ kernels… and maybe a champagne bottle… or two…


These kernels are ready to go for a spin in the hot air popcorn machine! The tricky part is to make sure they all pop, no one likes biting into hard unpopped kernels.

A quick tip: To avoid getting too much crunch in your popcorn, have two bowls ready. Use one bowl for the kernels to pop into. The other bowl is to place the popped kernels in, leaving the first bowl with the unpopped kernels.I will usually try to re-pop theses kernels and if they still don’t pop I will compost them.



I used two types of sugar because I didn’t have enough white sugar on hand, but feel free to use all brown sugar. I added in extra molasses to compensate. I think I would still add in a little molasses because I love the rich colour and extra flavour it gives to this sweet treat!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you make the most of 2013!

Much Love,

Anna oxoxoxox