Cupcakes Always Win

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Refreshing Cucumber Salad


Most veggies taste amazing on their own, but sometimes adding a little salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice takes them to the next level. This is a common salad I found throughout India. When I was to going to order some sort of fresh food, it was usually the cucumber salad.

It’s simplicity made it easy to re-create while on the road in New Zealand, especially with lemon trees on every block.



There are so many types of lemons available in New Zealand. I don’t know the variety that was most common but it was a lot sweeter than lemons I buy in Canada. For this salad, I decided to add sliced lemons along with the fresh lemon juice because of the awesome flavour profile of the lemons. But if that is a little too tart for your liking, then don’t bother with the lemon slices!


If you want a quick snack for a hike chop large pieces of cucumbers and spritz with lemon juice before putting them in a container. You’ll be super thankful for this hydrating veggie once you are mid-hike!

I also included a few snaps I captured while in New Zealand! Hope you enjoy! xox







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Quail egg and spinach salad

This is the closest I will get to an Easter blog post. I didn’t forget… but Easter is not really celebrated in Korea. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter (for those of you in Canada/U.S.A). Because I lack an oven and can’t whip up some cute looking cupcakes I opted for a recipe to help those recover from Easter sugar overload. AND there happens to be eggs in the recipe… what a coincidence… 

I have never seen quail eggs so readily available for super cheap. But here in Korea I have seen them in almost every mart I walk into. I have taken this opportunity to do what I do best… make something.That something happens to be a salad. A salad with hard-boiled quail eggs.

It has taken me a while to figure out what vegetables are best to eat here and I am nowhere near knowing exactly where my veggies are coming from. But I do all my shopping at farmer’s markets, small marts or this AWESOME health food store I found (the website is in Korean… but maybe it will help someone?). They even sell fair trade chocolate!



Keep it simple. That is what I always try to do. Salad dressing is something I really don’t use, I love the taste of vegetables without anything added. For this salad I wanted a little more flavour so I used a little lime juice. It was exactly what the salad needed. A hidden citrus kick will almost always do the trick!

Hope you enjoy! Much love,

Anna xoxo